porto recanati, Oct 15th,16th,17th 

discovering Marche, the cycle heaven !

Porto Recanati, Oct 15th, 16,th,17th

October 15th
Discovering Marche with the 5Mila Rando


Friday October 15, from 7.00 to 7.30 am

Start & Arrival: PORTO RECANATI (MC), Marche, Italy

Route: 250km – elevation: 5300 mt


Novità assoluta degli eventi Italiani, un evento ENDURANCE dove il chilometraggio e il dislivello totale metterà a dura prova i partecipanti, ma nel contempo potranno vivere il territorio senza l’ansia della prestazione .

250 km e 5300 mt da percorrere con all’interno DI UN TERRITORIO UNICO !!

1) Randonne Rules


Any cyclist can participate in the Randonnée Circuit as long as they are in possession of a regular card issued by an ASD belonging to an organization or federation and a civil liability association through the ASD for which he is registered

Art. 2

Any cyclist can participate in the Randonnée Circuit as long as they are in possession of a regular card issued by an ASD belonging to an organization or federation and a civil liability association through the ASD for which he is registered

Art. 3

The cyclist is obliged, before departure, to accept without reservation the rules contained in these regulations and to be registered with an institution of the consultation or day pass.

Art. 4

All types of chain drive bicycles are allowed as long as we are moved by muscle strength alone.

Art. 5

Each participant during the Randonnée must:
a) Consider yourself on a personal excursion.
b) Observe and respect the highway code and all official road signs.
c) Obligation to use existing cycle paths.
d) Put on a hard protective helmet.
e) The roads traveled or crossed will not be manned by the organization.
f) The organization can in no case be held responsible for accidents that may occur during the randonnèe.

Art. 6

For circulation, or in cases where visibility is not sufficient and satisfactory (atmospheric conditions, fog, rain, tunnels, etc.) the bicycle belonging to the cyclist must be equipped with a front and rear lighting system fixed solidly and constantly operating status. Each cyclist is obliged to activate the lighting system at night or when darkness approaches, as well as at any time when visibility is not satisfactory and to check the perfect functionality of the lighting system. Furthermore, the cyclist is required to wear accessory clothing with refractive powers during the night and whenever visibility is not sufficient. The organization prohibits the departure of cyclists whose lighting system is not in operation and the reflective equipment is not worn and / or meets the required requirements

Art. 7

Any infringement committed to articles 5 and 6 of this regulation entails the exclusion of the cyclist from the randonnèe patent.

Art. 8

Each cyclist must personally take care of everything necessary for the completion of the randonnèe patent and can receive assistance only in places control set by the organization and provided in the travel card


Each cyclist receives a travel card at the start with an indication of the itinerary and checkpoints. At the checkpoints the cyclist must have this card checked for regular validation. The lack of an endorsement, the loss of the card, the display of the unreadable card entails the exclusion from the patent. The cyclist is obliged to keep the travel card with the utmost care in order to facilitate its reading.


The validation of the travel card is carried out at the checkpoint indicated in the same by staff of the organization or in charge of this task.

Art. 11

The times indicated on the travel card and road book indicate the opening and closing hours of the controls that the participating cyclists must absolutely respect.


The access times to the checkpoints will be provided as follows:

DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL: Porto Recanati For checkpoints consult the Road Books in PDF format.

The opening of the control on final arrival will be carried out no earlier than 16:00.

If the cyclist fails to locate the control, he can justify the passage to the place indicated by attaching and exhibiting a receipt indicating the country, the day the time of passage.

Art. 12

Upon arrival, each cyclist must show the travel card complete with all validations to the organization staff to be approved.

Art. 13

The randonnèe patent is not a competition and does not involve any drafting of rankings and no recognition of prizes.


At the end of the randonnèe patent, the organization compiles the list of approved cyclists with the time taken and will notify the ARI.

Art. 15

Any complaints by the cyclist can only be expressed in written form within 12 hours after the end of the patent, by sending them to the organization, which will examine it and send an opinion to ARI, before making any decision

Art. 16

The 5 Mila Rando organization and the ARI will settle the cases submitted without appeal of any kind.


Participants will be able to collect the race bib and the bike number only upon showing the FCI card or other bodies valid for the 2021 season. Participants must visibly fix the bib number on the left side and the bike number on the front of the handlebar, both provided by the Organization, and be equipped with a chip if they want to participate in individual and company rankings. The numbers provided cannot be modified or altered in any way under penalty of disqualification. It is compulsory to use an approved hard helmet fastened for the entire duration of the race and to respect the rules of the road. The sections closed to traffic will only be within the SPECIAL PRACTICES and limited by the maximum time. The riders overtaken by the end-of-race car will continue the event for cyclists while maintaining both numbers clearly visible. Those who have not entered the grid 10 (ten) minutes before the start will be automatically entered in the last starting grid. It is advisable to take a puncture repair kit with you on the run and to wear suitable clothing for changing weather conditions. Please note that the event is not a competitive race. Despite the order of arrival, the event is, and remains, a cycling rally where everyone can proceed at their own pace.

By registering, the competitor declares to be in possession of the medical certificate according to the Ministerial Decree of 18/02/82, to be in possession of a regular card issued for the current year, insurance for third party liability, to have read the course and its criticalities (possibly reporting them to the Race Director) and to have having read this regulation, accepting it unconditionally in every point. The participant gives his consent to the use of his images and data collected during registration and during the days of the event, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Law n. 675 of 31/12/1996 and of Legislative Decree lgs 196/03, to the organizing company, to the company that carries out the photo shoot, to the company that carries out the timing and registrations and to the company that takes care of the press office, to the sponsors and partners of the event. The participant declares to renounce any liability or recourse action against the organizing company, its partners or suppliers, the personnel assigned in any capacity to the organization, the sponsors and patrons, deriving from their participation in the event and at its side events.


The organization reserves the right to make changes to this regulation at any time.

The website is the official information tool of the event and therefore all official communications will be disclosed there.


Participation in the Event involves the processing of the personal data of the participants for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organizer's Privacy Policy. The data controller is the Organizer. By registering for the Event, the participant confirms that he has carefully read the Organizer's Privacy Policy.


If, due to force majeure or any other kind not attributable to the organization, the event does not take place, the participation fee will not be reimbursed, it will be recognized for the following year, minus the secretarial costs.

la sostituzione o disdetta di un atleta verrà accettata solo entro il  11 settembre 2021.


Any complaints must be received by the jury within the regulatory terms accompanied by the fee provided for according to the regulations of the F.C.I.


For anything not covered in this regulation, the rules issued by the Italian Cycling Federation apply.

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